Heather Wyatt

Helping you Reclaim Health, Boost Energy & Gain Confidence!


Do you feel despair every time you look in the mirror and are you sick of their own excuses? I can help you feel healthy again and unleash your energy, so you LOVE how you look both in and out of your clothes!

Do you want to find out what's holding you back?

You’ve likely tried a million and one things to reach your health goals so far, but there’s one thing you haven’t tried yet–doing it with me!
Working closely together, we’ll make this a reality.
-Never failing a diet again
-Creating new healthy habits you actually enjoy (that stick, finally)
Feeling great without counting calories or hours in the gym!
" Heather is an awesome coach! She will help guide you on the path toward your goals. She is both insightful and supportive. Highly recommend! "
Kristin P.


There are a few ways that we can begin this journey together….


21 Day 1-on-1 Program

-Have you started your new diet and stopped more times than you can count this year alone?

-Do you keep wondering why you can’t find the motivation to make healthy habits stick?

-Would you love to have someone hold you accountable so you can finally commit and create the foundation needed to get to your goals?


12 Week 1-on- 1 Total Transformation Program

-Have you started your diet over and over in the last year with no success?

-Do you KNOW what to do to get the weight off but haven’t found the motivation to actually make changes?

-Would you love to have a structured, simple step-by-step plan in place with support and accountability to keep you on track to reaching your goals?


Nourish & Flourish Wellness Party

-Are you a luxury building manager or event coordinator who is looking to create a unique social experience for your guests?

-Do you need a way to get your group to become acquainted besides the usual unremarkable pizza and bagel parties or happy hours that are often not inclusive?

-Would you love to see your people coming together to gather and get acquainted while nourishing their minds, bodies and souls?

Hey, it's me Heather,

I help clients like you stop the diets and finally feel confident and energetic in their bodies. If you keep trying to lose the same pounds over and over you may benefit from us working together. Together we will create lasting lifestyle changes that stick. You will receive the tools and support you need to keep the weight off, have renewed energy and feel more confident than ever! I’ll be there every step of the way cheering you on as you reach each milestone and helping you get back on track when you need it. 

I really enjoyed working with Heather. She helped me to look at my situation differently, and she challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to really explore what it was I really wanted and where it is I truly find joy. She brought the perfect mix of accountability partner, friend, leader and coach to our sessions, and I feel truly blessed to have worked with her. Through her structured approach, I have seen a tangible, positive impact to my health, more satisfaction in my career, and even a bit more spice in my marriage.
Matt T.