About Me

Start Thriving!

I am a certified Health Coach who specializes in holistic weight loss. 
As a health coach with so much experience in learning about a healthy lifestyle, the question I get the most is how to make it stick.
Lucky for you, I have a simple answer to a not-so-simple question. Finding your unique system is the way to make a healthy lifestyle stick–and that’s exactly what we will do together when you work with me.
You’ve undoubtedly tried countless diets, systems, and challenges…and maybe even finished a few. But these fail for a reason. They aren’t tailored to your unique lifestyle, deepest desires, or likes/dislikes in a way that builds upon one another to create a strong, unshakable foundation. That’s why everything else has crumbled. 

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" I'm so grateful for being able to have Heather as my coach! She gave me the tools to really picture and internalize my goals and where I wanted to be, and she made it reachable without it feeling like a struggle. I would recommend Heather to anyone who has tried to lose weight more than once, this will be the last time!! "
Ashley S.

I used to be right where you are

You know the drill: you start the week with good intentions, vowing to stick with your healthy habits once and for all. But then life happens. You miss a workout here, have a less-than-healthy meal there, and before you know it, you’re right back where you started. Or so you think. 


Sound familiar? It’s a cycle that many of us find ourselves in time and time again. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I used to be in the same boat as you until I learned how to create a healthy lifestyle that works for me.


Now, I can help you do the same. Together, we can figure out what’s been holding you back and create a plan to help you finally reach your health goals. Freedom is within reach.

Let's Chat About the Right Program for YOU!