Diversity on Fire Podcast: Ep 124 Firestarter, Sorry Not Sorry

Grateful for the invitation to be on this podcast. Thank you Heather Payeur! This panel was so much fun and I’m grateful for the way it left me feeling like I can do anything!



“In today’s episode I chop it up with three guest hosts: Lee, Ninah, and Heather W. We chat about our opinions about saying Sorry and also how it may or may not differ from an actual apology. Who knew this was such a big thing to some people?


We also touch on gaslighting, how often times very legitimate emotions get turned into a weapon, mostly against woman and we close out with some love and gratitude for the black community as Black History Month wraps up.


Expect a lot of laughter and F-bombs, welcome to our world! We hope you’ll join us for this conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comments section or by emailing info@diversityonfire.com.”


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