I really enjoyed working with Heather. She helped me to look at my situation differently, and she challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to really explore what it was I really wanted and where it is I truly find joy. She brought the perfect mix of accountability partner, friend, leader and coach to our sessions, and I feel truly blessed to have worked with her. Through her structured approach, I have seen a tangible, positive impact to my health, more satisfaction in my career, and even a bit more spice in my marriage.
Matt T
" Heather asks great questions that not only make me feel heard and understood, but make me think and inspire change. She is great! "
Marie H
" Heather has a warm and friendly personality. She makes you feel comfortable from the beginning and reminds you that it is a judgement free zone. She was an attentive listener and really got me talking about what I'm really after. "
Eyna C.
" Heather is a great coach and really helped me create some better habits to give me a huge jump start on my weight loss journey. "
Marcus A
Before working with Heather as my coach, my life felt unmanageable. I was stuck in several habits that were not serving me. I used food to cope with difficult emotions. My environment was just as cluttered as my mind. I knew what I should be doing but for whatever reason, I just wasn’t doing it. Soon after I started coaching, I noticed small changes right away. Heather showed me that nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into smaller jobs. We set small, manageable action steps each week and I began clearing the clutter in my environment and in my mind. I’ve learned to eat until I’m satisfied, not stuffed. I move my body because it makes me feel good, not to punish it. I focus on how healthy I feel, not how skinny I look. Holistic health is my main priority now, not a number on a scale. Yet, my clothes are all so baggy and my body is changing shape, so I know I’m getting healthier and leaner as I grow stronger. Words can’t express the impact she has had on my health and my life. I can’t recommend her services enough!
Amanda F
" I'm so grateful for being able to have Heather as my coach! She gave me the tools to really picture and internalize my goals and where I wanted to be, and she made it reachable without it feeling like a struggle. I would recommend Heather to anyone who has tried to lose weight more than once, this will be the last time!! "
Ashley S
"I was so stuck in bad habits regained over the pandemic. Heather's coaching gave me the support I needed to get unstuck so I could finally get serious again about my health. Now I'm well on my way. I already have become much more energetic than I've been in a long time. Even my family has noticed! Looking forward to my next 90 days!"
Debbie F
" Super easy to talk to. Loved her energy. She made me feel comfortable and I really looked forward to our sessions and sharing my progress each week. Thanks Heather! "
Cynthia M
" Heather does a great job at listening to what I am actually saying. She picked up on some things that I said and was able to get me to put myself in a place where I could think about what I was actually feeling when I talked about setting some self care goals- which was a little bit of a fear of losing control of my time or what might happen while I was taking that time for myself (someone needing me). It was good to recognize those feelings and say them out loud."
Cathy D
" Heather is an awesome coach! She will help guide you on the path toward your goals. She is both insightful and supportive. Highly recommend! "
Kristin P
" Heather does an amazing job at motivating. When giving words of encouragement she was genuine which is extremely important when being told uncomfortable, personally opening, information. "
Courtney S